Affordable TV for waiting rooms

Best information for your professional screen tv

Best information for your professional screen tv

We bring you a new concept of geographic infographic created by a group of environmental technicians and professionals of new technologies, united to show the geographical perspective of the current news.

We make available to professionals this new production capacity of specialized computer graphics animations online in high resolution, ready to show to your clients on your unattended screens, performed on time to be issued now required to complement to the highest professional quality of its news presentation.

We have the best geographical videos, including news, tourism, enviroment, astronomy, curiosities, celebrities and many more. One of the advantage of distributing audiovisual content for Internet Streaming-TV is the fast monetization of the content through subscriptions, advertising sales and a precise reach of target audience for the purposes of the content. This makes that many of professional content producers change their way to broadcast online TV streaming-system with occasional support on platforms like Youtube. Also for the user, this represents a huge saving of up to 90% on their current-cost cable TV.

Our company brings the creation or share of channels to suit your needs through global streaming-TV systems. Our services enable the creation or use of unattended distribution screens, programmed video, video-on-demand or live streaming of events. And if you want we can also take care of your hosting needs, decoding and transmission of content to any platform as tablets, mobile phones, computers or TVs.

We invite you to explore the incorporation of its contents, as parameters of quality and audience appeal, one of our shared-TV channels online streaming or study creating its own channel. Our interest is to get your videos to the final consumer, and if you get a higher return through temporary controlled subscriptions or advertising. If you are interested in making more money and enhance the popularity of your videos try to be part of our Streaming-TV channels or request our professional services to create your own.

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