Affordable TV for waiting rooms

How to attach a TV to a waiting room

How to attach a TV to a waiting room

Keep your clients engaged watching TV while waiting for your service.

If you have a business with a waiting room, whether a hairdresser, a medical office, veterinary clinic, perhaps you are considering the option of placing unattended screens. In these stations you can show content to minimize the effects of waiting on your customers through interesting videos, current news or relaxing images. It can also be a unique opportunity to provide information about your services to your customers while they wait. We will explain the best way to place one of these devices in your waiting room:

You will need

  • A bracket for your TV
  • Appropriate programming to your business
  • A flat screen TV



  • Look for a stand for the TV that fits with the design of your waiting room. These supports can be attached to the wall or roof, or incorporate a brochure dispenser where you can post information and advertises of your business, where customers can obtain additional information to take home. In any case, make sure to provide sufficient area for the TV and a firm grip.
  • Choose a place accessible and clearly visible from all corners of your waiting room. Find a wall or corner to look at most of the chairs in your waiting room, or in the worst case, which is positioned perpendicular to them, never back. If you have a large waiting room, divide the space depending on where the chairs are and watch more TV sets, make sure it is visible from all seats.
  • Place the mount on the wall or ceiling or build your dresser for the TV to the manufacturer’s instructions. For a wall mount, the structures located on the wall or ceiling and used a screwdriver to connect the mount to the wall structures. Use a screwdriver or Allen wrench to put a dresser TV swivel or fixed to one corner or another area of ​​the waiting room.
  • Place the TV on the dresser using the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re using a kiosk type counter, then add the front panel to place the TV.
  • Spend an Ethernet cable from the TV if it supports or use the WiFi connection to stream TV commercial content that you buy. If it is not compatible with an internet connection, connect a DVD player and insert the DVD. The player can be located in the room behind the TV to hide or you can choose a dresser TV commercial that has a shelf for a DVD player.
  • Light commercial TV and playing content. If your TV will output sound, turn up the volume halfway. Sit in different parts of the waiting room to make sure you have a clear view of the TV and is not too strong for those close to this or too low volume for those who are far.
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