Affordable TV for waiting rooms

TV for Waiting Rooms

TV for Waiting Rooms

WaitingRooms TV offers waiting room TV solutions for all cases where the customer may be in a waiting situation making. When bored even the shortest queue time is perceived as long. Entertainment and infotainment during waiting time is highly appreciated by visitors.

We provide the best video content for waiting rooms with multiple porpouse, such as medical waiting rooms, gyms, waiting rooms in airports or train stations, in postal services, veterinaries, etc.

Program content is varied and can be divided into different areas.

Turism: The content has a number of clips that help raise awareness in the enviromental world. The clips involve, for example, nature parks, exotic animals, beautiful places arround the world, areas that are a high public interest. In addition we also show scenic movies with background music, for relaxation and entertainment purposes.

News: Impresive video-news using geographical resources and video animations to make information interesting and afforable

Astronomy: Beautiful content with an importan formative point of view

Nature: Videos with the most beautiful and amazing nature landscapes arround the world


Your averts on a TV, easier than Internet adverts, cheapert than traditional TV adverts. Each site has the ability to present their own view their own branding and information. Examples of this is staff introductions, opening hours, special services offered… By providing information to clients many questions may be answered already in the waiting room. Here you can see our plans and pricing


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