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What we do

What we do

We develop and manage television channels forStreaming Tv devices.

We bring original content creators in a joint action to advertisers, packaging and distributing thematic content in the most solid and consistent manner to the public, and -driven it directly to millions of viewers of Streaming Tv , plus the millions who can follow such content over the Internet, or mobile devices SmartTV . This projection is worldwide.

Our formula is simple: the creators must be dedicated to what they love, creating video content, and we put our knowledge available to work in 3 main lines: Channel Developmentmonetization and distribution.


As a content creator, you are the owner and licensee of original video content, we will group you under one brand according to the category of such content. We will create the design of the canal, we will take care of the programming, management and support services, as well as advertising and promotion necessary to maximize content distribution and revenue. In other words, you create content, we take care of the rest.


We work with individual advertisers, advertising agencies and advertising programs to develop advanced and cutting-edge advertising, increase sales of our advertisers and revenue for our channel networks. Depending on the contents, the channels can be monetized differently.

We are a leader in research and development of systems based on Streaming Tv monetization. We explore new solutions monetization and advertising channels to optimize revenue collection and WinWin systems.


We work with content distribution networks (CDN) for our partners to ensure that the content is stored securely and is issued without problems, in high definition, without interruptions or breaks and without buffering. Maintaining the quality of the content without downtime is a challenge every day, because video traffic increases, but we accept the challenge and work on it.

We constantly seek for quality content to integrate with Streaming Tvs channels. If you are a content creator or you own the rights to distribute original content you can, talk to us and we will send your message to the world. You can use the form that follows and we will contact you.

 If you have quality video content you want to share, we can help you by develop that content, monetize and distribute not only nationally but worldwide.

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